• Small Size (when disassembled)/Reduced Shipping Cost

• 50 Ω Passive Feed Dipole

• Integrated N Female  or 24” pigtail with N Male or N Female Connector

• 24 dBi Antenna Gain; Horizontal or Vertical Polarity

• Rugged, Lightweight and Waterproof

• Heavy Duty Adjustable Tilt Bracket

• 2-Piece Powder Coat Painted Die Cast Aluminum



• 2.4 GHz ISM Band Applications

• Wireless Internet Access

• Wireless Bridges

• Point to Point Repeaters

• MMDS Applications

• Streaming Video



The PAWDC24 is a directional antenna system, which incorporates a 2-piece aluminum die cast parabolic grid type antenna reflector with the PMPF, patented 50-ohm passive feed dipole. Dipoles come in 2 basic configurations, PMPF-xx with integral N type Female connector and PMPF-xxP with 24” pigtail equipped with an N type Male connector or PMPF-xxPF with an N type Female Connector. Installation is simple with the Pacific Wireless adjustable tilt “Heavy Duty” bracket that comes standard. The bracket accommodates poles from 1” up to 2.5” OD. Brackets are full galvanized for extreme corrosion protection and each reflector comes complete with stainless steel hardware and complete assembly instructions.


Frequency  GHz 2.4-2.5

Wind Loading: ( Kg )

Gain 24 dB



100MPH :12mm Ice

Input Return Loss -14 dB




VSWR 1.5:1
3dB Beam Angle 8 deg
Cross Pole 26 dB
Front to Back 24 dB
Side Lobe -20 dB
Impedance 50Ω
Input Power 50 W
Focal Length 406 mm
Dimension  mm . 1070 x 610
Weight . 2Kg
Pole Diameter mm up to 50

Operating Temp. . -45 +70 C

PAWDC24 and EXAP-G 54Mbps Ethernet Adapter.


• Antenna is a 2-piece design requiring assembly. Mounting brackets are disassembled from the antenna reflector so the reflectors stack compactly, which saves volume in both shipping and warehouse storage.

• A complete antenna system includes one PMPF-xx, one antenna reflector assembly and adjustable tilt bracket with all necessary hardware for pole mounting.

• All shipments F.O.B. Pacific Wireless in Bluffdale, UT 84065

• All antennas carry a 2 Year Warranty

Antenna Patterns

PAWDCA-24 Horizontal @ 2.4 Ghz

PAWDCA-24 Vertical @ 2.4 Ghz